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March 8, 2012 / mmpomegranate

Minimum velocity…

I’m beginning to think I am the world’s worst blog updater. I’ve been having a difficult few weeks; isolation and lack of occupation is certainly getting to me, much more than it was before.

I finally passed my minimum skills testing, seemed to me that it took ages but depending on who you speak to it was rather speedy.

The skills one needed to master in order to pass were:

Posture! This is just SO important for everything.

Skating forwards using both feet; correct stance is key – if you can’t do this then you’re probably not taking the test.

Crossovers – took me a while to get these because I have a habit of not squatting low enough.

Sticky skating – regular readers may recall my difficulties with the leisure centre skates, it definitely helps if your wheels turn.

Gliding on each leg – I didn’t have much trouble with this, again it’s a question of blaming my tools.

Laterals – get yourself some 45 degree angle trucks and everyone will ooh and ahh at your magically improved lateral skills, even when you protest that it is all down to the skates they will insist on complimenting you.

Various falls – single knee falls on both legs, double knee falls (one after the other), pornstar (fisting necessary), baseball slide and single knee 180.

Stops – T stop and Plow stop.

Stepping forward, backward, left and right, with minimal wheel turnage.

Hop between feet.

Squat and skate – self explanatory.

Squat and glide – need to be able to do at least a straight and a turn.

Jump a 3 inch obstacle – don’t lose balance when landing!

Look left right and behind (whilst skating…)

Weave a ten cone slalom (six feet apart) – see laterals!

And finally – that dratted 25 in 5 eluded me, just, I managed a paltry 24.5 in 5 and that rhymes as well so it’s practically on the money, besides I was up to 26 the week before.

Soon I’ll be subjecting  my scrimmage skills to testing, I hope to pass as I’m fairly confident I can do everything, although I haven’t attempted them for a while. It definitely brings me that  extra step closer towards a bout, whether I excel or not, which is extremely exciting!


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