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January 17, 2012 / mmpomegranate

If the skate fits…

So they came. Yes it was a while ago now but what with the excitement of Christmas/working 50 hours in a week an appraisal was placed on the back burner.  But now I’m free to pine and lust after sweet employment once more. (I’m not trying to say that my momentary employment was in any way enjoyable, you know that don’t you? I just mean that I have a lot of spare time again. Hours of it.)

Deciding which skates to buy happened to be one of the most difficult decisions of my life, now you might say that  it’s pretty obvious that I haven’t had a huge number of difficult decisions to make in my life. Well you’d be half wrong, and no, I won’t explain right now. It was recommended I buy Riedell R3s but then I heard bad things about them, and once doubt is sowed in my mind, it’s difficult to assuage, even though it was just the stupid internet that told me, and we all know that the internet knows much important information but has a habit of MASSIVELY BLOWING THINGS OUT OF PROPORTION. It was a lot of money to spend on a heretofore inessential item. So I agonised over it. For weeks. Then decided to spend more. As we all know I am extremely indecisive and when it comes to making decisions about purchases it often seems that the only way to solve the problem is to  just buy the item before I’m really ready and hope for the best. So I did. And I wasn’t disappointed. Not one bit.

I went for Sure Grip Skates with black Invader plates, black DA45 trucks, QUBE Juice bearings, Fugitive wheels, and Carrera toe stops, with red Sure Grip toe guards, I think.

At first I had my reservations but I’m going to plug the website which is because the man I spoke to was really lovely and helpful and we exchanged smiley faces. Also the delivery was as speedy as my new skates even though it was nearly Christmas, which I found really impressive.

When they arrived my grandparents were away so I wore them like slippers for several days (please don’t tell them because they’d never forgive me and I’m scared they’ll notice the ghost of the black mark that I made with the toe stop of the left skate but hurriedly washed off). I’ve had a few opportunities to try them out now and they are amazing. I can’t believe the difference they have made. They have the DA45 plate so my laterals have improved no end. I’d like to think it’s also because I’ve improved but even if it’s just down to the skates I am happy. Last practice saw the latest chance to attempt 25 in 5. I so very nearly made it, which is so worse than hopelessly failing. Twenty three and a half. TWENTY THREE AND A HALF. So close. But close is just not enough. It has made me even more determined to do it next time though, and with a bit of luck I will. Again, I think the improvement is mostly down to the skates but now I have a proper little list of all the skills I need to be able to master in order to pass my minimum skills, rather than keeping a mental note of all of my failures.


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